The Time Has Come To Get Your Book Done

How 12 authors stepped up to get their books done in just a few months. 


A new year means setting new goals and a fresh start. For many people, they will tell themselves that 2019 is the year they will get their book done. But the truth is while over 90% of people want to write a book, only 3% ever will. Most people spend years, sometimes an entire lifetime dreaming about a book but very few ever get it done.  

At the Author Incubator, our authors are different. They take action. They refuse to wait a minute more to get their books done because they know there is someone out there who desperately needs to hear the messages of hope and healing in their books.  

We want you to meet 12 of our newest authors who will now be among the few who can say they got their book done this year. All of these authors decided to stop letting fear and excuses hold them back and finished their book in just a couple months. Join us for the live broadcast and you’ll have the opportunity to ask each of them exactly how they did it. You’ll even hear from two authors who are publishing their second book and learn what, if anything, they did different this go around. Tune in on Thursday January 17th at 2pm ET to find out if NOW is the time for YOU to get your book done too.  

Thursday January 17th, 2pm Eastern - 11am Pacific  


Tatiana Amico Contribute!

Lord Coltrane The Kinky Vanilla Love Project

Nora Ganescu Play The System

Cara Heilmann Confessions Of The Accidental Career Coach

Sameera Khan, RD, PA-C Regain Be Gone

Maria Teresa Kline Be The CEO of Your Own Health 

Brenda Koranda Procedure Ready

Brian P. Ramos, Ph.D. The Art Of Stress-Free Living

Ramses Rodriguez Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button

Bita Saleh D.D.S. The Well-Referred Dentist

Michelle A. Smith Always With Me

Marie Anne June L. Tagorda Taking Back My Health And Happiness

During this FREE live event, you will: 

Hear how each of these authors got from book idea to published in just FOUR months!  

Learn why a book that's written as a love letter to a single ideal reader ALWAYS has better results than a book that tries to help everyone.  

Hear exactly what you need to do right now to get your book written and published - so you can spend this year getting your message of love out into the world.  

Understand the strategy you'll need in order to use your book to fill your roster with the clients you love, build a huge email and social media following, or put yourself on the speaker and media circuit! 



January 17, 2018 

  • 2 pm Eastern
  • 11 am Pacific


Hosted By Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator

Angela Lauria is the founder of The Author Incubator and has created over 500 bestsellers in a row, 90% from first-time authors. She'll be interviewing each author in this event and taking questions asked by the audience!

The Time Has Come To Get Your Book Done

How 12 authors stepped up to get their books done in just a few months.