Thanks For Reading

Make 'Em Beg To Be Your Client! 

As a special gift to you I’ve created an intense 20-minute training on exactly how to write a book that creates $288,000 per year from your readers. 

Most books don't generate revenue like this – in fact most generate $250 for the author, not $250,000 - because their authors don't understand the essential components of how to engage readers beyond the page, and how to write a book that becomes a non-stop funnel that creates new clients out of people searching for the problem you solve on Amazon. 

In the training, we're going to talk about: 

  • The numbers behind a book that creates $250,000 in revenue per year
  • How to pick the right topic
  • How to work with your book's title and subtitle so people find you when they search for the problem you solve
  • The right way to structure a "client creation" book 
  • How to turn readers into clients 

Or are you ready to take action NOW to get your message out to the masses, and create a full-time income out of helping the people you are on this planet to help?

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