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If you want to know how to strategically position a book so you get clients begging to work with you, this book encapsulates all of the best practices my most successful clients use to go from having a book to being fully booked as a coach or consultant. Based on my experience with almost 500 bestselling authors, I'll share what few in the publishing industry know how to do and what few in the Internet Marketing world are willing to disclose.  

With this guide you will be able to Launching Your Book-Related Course or Program (with clients!) in 90 Days. Inside you’ll learn the exact steps and strategies to:  

  • Get your book into the hands of the right people who are most ready to put your ideas and strategies into action;  
  • Make more money (while helping people get amazing results) so that you can fund your dreams and make the difference you were born to make;  
  • Stop spinning your wheels to try to figure out how to design a business you are proud of;  
  • Attract prospects who ask you if you will work with them instead of the other way around; and  
  • Let go of the need to convince, prove, or show people that you are good at what you do.  

Ready to go from having a book to having a fully booked coaching or consulting business? This is the definitive guide you have been waiting for.  

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